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We are KUSH. We’re a company of fighters, thinkers, explorers, creators and historians for the preservation of the Culture and History of the African Diaspora. We’re serious about delivering an outstanding product and experience to everyone! Kush Imports Apparel and Artifacts has been working to inspire people to embrace the beauty and greatness of the African Diaspora since 2010. We are the home of African Clothing, Jewelry, Art, Health and Beauty, Musical Instruments and many other accessories. Here you’ll find the largest collection of rare and unique items available online or anywhere else.

OUR GOALS continues to become a leading provider of African Clothing, Art, Health and Wellness, Jewelry and African lifestyle in the Midwest. We feature such items that suggest a traditional to modern look and feel which reflect a vision and purpose of the Diapora worldwide. Some retailers out there offer the “so called” African products that are made from other parts of the world, but we don’t. We strive to offer unique products from Africa and throughout the Diaspora that are Authentic.

OUR VALUES to provided a unique retail buying experience to the our customers throughout the U.S. One that focuses on customer satisfaction first. We understand that finding the “right” item can be difficult. We want to take the uncertainty out of the process. Purchasing that special item may be a necessary, but sometimes unpleasant experience.

Our goal is to provide the customer with an enjoyable, honest service, and the best product possible by satisfying individual customers with a outstanding service, clean and easy website and with a quality product.

OUR MISSION to continue to promote the history, culture and beauty that Africa and her Diaspora maintains. Opening the minds, hearts and doors to this dynamic continent. From the glory and majesty of the continent past through its complex history. This business is for each and every individual to explore the wonderful artifacts that comes from the Motherland. 

This gives credit to the origin of those and also helps promote the economic growth and prosperity of so many among the Africa Dispora. We are dedicated to providing unique African items at affordable prices. Plus, we also provide those hard to find and special accessories to go with your African lifestyle. Our items are produced in Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, Guinea and many of countries among the Diaspora. Because our items are produced in different parts of Africa and the Diaspora, you are sure to find a good variety of African products in our collection.