Joining Forces with the leywashop Collection

Jul ,18 2017

We are pleased to announce that, starting in August 2017, we will be offering leywashop design on Kushiaa. We have started a joint venture with them to focus on becoming a key member in distributing their famous, fair trade product line in North America.

Next for leywashop, their pursuit of their main goals, including expansion of their product design, manufacturing and brand from France to everyone Worldwide!

We hope you will enjoy their beautiful work and shop with leywashop today!!!!

LEYWASHOP is a 100% online shop that designs, manufactures and markets its own brand of LEYWA shoes and accessories. The DNA of the brand is originality (with African fabric), accessibility (in terms of price) and exclusivity (stock limited by collection) LEYWA is a story born of a young woman living in France who Loves the chic side of French fashion, but had the nostalgia for the bright colors that lulled his childhood. So she wanted to transform a banal look into an original look just with a pair of shoes partially or totally covered with wax fabric. To your discoveries ladies!